January 11-17th Road to Yuma and my stay in Yuma, AZ

As it turns out I was glad that I did not start my trip to Yuma the night before. I told myself I was not going to drive at night, but after the whole delay with the tires I was so anxious to get to Yuma, but after making the drive to Yuma and how long it took me and having to go over a very long, windy pass I was glad I was making it during the day and on top of it, it was a pretty drive.

These rocks were amazing, they are just boulders stacked in piles and some in interesting designs. Pretty wild!

Lots of wind and there was plenty of windmills to make all kinds of energy! I think I had to deal with some pretty harsh, hard winds for about 80 miles, it was a tough go!

I drove through a little town called Soledad and at the entrance sign to the town it said “Highway to the Pinnacles” so I stopped and asked about it and was told it was just a 20-minute trip, but I did neglect to mention I was in a 34 ft motorhome. So I started out for the Pinnacles and for some reason I decided to pull off in an entrance to one of the Vineyards which was just before the turnoff to the Pinnacles. A guy pulled up beside me and asked if I was going to the Pinnacles. I said yes and he said well it’s only a one-lane road, I don’t think you are going to make it in your RV. Now there is another entrance from the next town but it is at least an hour’s drive and still a tough go on a two-lane road for an RV. I thanked the man for the heads up and decided it wasn’t in the cards that day to see the Pinnacles, but I did get these few pictures of the vineyards and mountains.

So I arrived in Yuma, AZ  Tuesday evening, got myself all settled into the RV park and actually succeeded in getting all my hooks up hooked upright for my first attempt on this trip! I met up with my friend from high school Chris. She has been an RV traveler for about a year now. I was excited to get here and hang out and do a little traveling with her. Our first tourist outing was Wednesday to the Yuma Territorial Prison. This was a very interesting and historical place. It was used for about 4 years for the Yuma High school, they were called the Yuma Criminals and still are to this day.


My friend, Chris….She says she is innocent!  Hmmm, I don’t know about that LOL.

This was the dark cell, the place you got thrown into if you were a problem prisoner. I would not have wanted to be put here, I had some light from the doorway but the rest was pitch black and it was pretty spooky. In the middle of the room was this iron grate and the prisons would be shackled around it. There were no beds, no place for bathroom facilities. This was a hell hole!


This was the prison yard

I guess my friend was innocent, they let her go and she was happy!


This was the lookout tower and the view from it inside the prison walls as well as outside the prison.


For the most part, Yuma has been my first stop to finally just have some downtime and relax after being on the go for the last couple of months with getting ready for this adventure and glitches in my first couple of weeks. Chris and I have had a fun time hanging out, taking in a few activities at the RV park…..Bingo, dinners, and entertainment. We have met new friends and met some awesome people this week. The weather has been awesome in the ’70s and today Sunday, January 17th was so nice I took a dip in the pool and the hot tub! Wow! it is awesome to be wearing shorts and swimming in the middle of January. I am so sorry that the rest of you back home are getting rain and cold weather. I know we need the moisture but I am glad to be where there is warmth and sunshine.





8 thoughts on “January 11-17th Road to Yuma and my stay in Yuma, AZ

  1. So happy that you are enjoying your adventures!!!! Looks like so much fun!!!! Glad you were able to hook up with Chris too!!!!yay Sherry!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊


  2. Yay, another blog! I sure am enjoying your adventure. Love the open road pictures on your way to Yuma, it’s as if I am traveling along with you! How fun to be traveling around with a friend, looks like you two had too much fun at the prison goofing around! You are honorary criminals now! Hola Mexico, such cute little trinkets and what a great price! Glad you made it back into the USA, welcome home! Loved your pool pictures, I can see in your face you are enjoying life and taking the time to relax. Keep having fun and absorbing all that warmth and sunshine, you are so deserving!

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  3. The “Pinnacles” you referred to, was that Pinnacles National Park near Hollister, CA? If so, you were still a long way from Yuma. We used to go to Pinnacles when I lived in Monterey.


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