Spring Training Peoria AZ

My friend Colleen lives in Vacaville, CA. She caught a plane and flew to Phoenix on Friday, March 4, 2016, to spend the weekend with me. The first thing we did was catch a Spring Training Game Friday night in Peoria at the Padre/Mariner Sports Complex. An evening game on Friday night was the only thing available for the weekend as it was just going to be too hot to catch a daytime/afternoon game. So although the Mariners were not playing I did get to sit in the Mariner Sports Complex and watch the San Diego Padres play against the Kansas City Royals. KC got a run on the board early on in the game and the score stayed at 1-0 through most of the game up until the 8th inning and then the Padres were scoring and they won 3-1.  Although not the most exciting game, it was fun and great just to experience a Spring Training Game.



2 thoughts on “Spring Training Peoria AZ

  1. Such a super fun evening! That was so great of you to know when and where to go and the temperature was perfect for enjoying an evening baseball game! I enjoyed my Gyro too…and our 7th inning stretch! Our seat were fantastic….I’ve never been that close to home plate! Hey batter batter swing!

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  2. It was blast getting to do this with you. Although it was not the most exciting game I am glad for the chance to have gone and experienced it. The gyros were awesome, I had not had one in years so this was the icing on the cake for me. LOL.


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