Dolly Steamboat Tour-Canyon Lake Superstitious Mountains

On Sunday, March 6, 2016, Colleen and I booked a tour of Canyon Lake. We made quite the entrance when we got ourselves delayed from other sightseeing and lunch earlier in the day and then got behind sloooooooooooow traffic from Apache Junction to Canyon Lake. When we purchased the online tickets for a 4:00 boat tour, it said to be there 30 minutes early. Well, we were in Apache Junction at 3:30 PM and it’s a 15 mile, curvy drive. I said to Colleen if we make it, it’s going to be by the skin of our teeth. Well, sure enough, we pull into the parking lot, I am dropped off right at the boat loading dock while Colleen goes to park the car. The assistant captain is just starting to walk down the ramp to the boat when he sees me and says “Are you trying to catch this boat?” I said, “I am so sorry we are late, but yes we are.” I was feeling so bad and guilty that everyone else was already on the boat ready to go and here they are waiting for us. The assistant captain was so nice and kept reassuring me that it was fine. Colleen came half running from parking the car and the assistant captain says “slow down you have time we don’t need to have you falling.” LOL.  So we made the boat tour by the SKIN OF OUR TEETH! But boy was it worth it, it was just the right temperature, just the right time of day so we were getting different lighting and shades on the lake and the canyon. It was just breathtaking. One would never know from just driving on the road down to the lake that it actually went back so far into the canyon. Our tour was 90 minutes and they also had a dinner tour for later and it was for an additional 4 miles up the canyon. We saw bighorn sheep twice up on the cliffs and two different places high on top of the canyon where bald eagles nests and we could see the white heads of the eagles up there.


Big Horn Sheep




2 thoughts on “Dolly Steamboat Tour-Canyon Lake Superstitious Mountains

  1. Your photos came out soooo great! It was such a beautiful place and you captured a lot of the beauty in your photos! I am super glad we made it in time for the cruise, such a treat! Thank you so much for the fun adventure!

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