Summer Travels 2016 – Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

On July 3rd, Joann let me use her car so the grandkids and I could go and spend the day at Lava Hot Springs, which was about an hour and a half drive from Idaho Falls. Lava Hot Springs is located in the Portneuf Mountain range in Southeastern Idaho and is one of America’s most unique resort towns. It is a charming town mixed with hot spring pools, river tubing, and an Olympic size swimming pool with diving platforms up to 10 meters high and twisting water slides. The kids and I spent the majority of our time in the pool and the kids did a couple of the water slides and just had a blast. Since it was the middle of summer and a warm July day we did not indulge in the hot springs because it was just too warm, but I would love to come back when the weather is a bit cooler and soak in these amazing pools that are covered with canopies to block the sun and the rain during the winter months.

After swimming in the pool for most of the day we decided to wander around town, have some ice cream and check out the raft tubing. The Portneuf River flows through the town of Lava Hot Springs and raft tubing is hopping with people walking or riding in the back of pickup trucks through town with their tubes, and trailers hitched up behind trucks stacked sky-high with tubes that have been picked up and are being hauled back to the rental locations. There is one place in town where a bridge crosses over the river and it was a lot of fun to stand on that bridge and watch the rafters coming down the river.

Our day at Lava Hot Springs was a lot of fun!


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