Summer Travels 2016 – Idaho Falls and 4th of July

We arrived in Idaho Falls, Idaho on July 2nd as I had an appointment to drop my motorhome off on July 5th to have some work done as well as visit and spend time with friends who live here. I grew up and went to high school with Joann. She lives here in Idaho Falls with her husband, Scott. Another friend who lives here is a young man, Brady, who I know through my youngest son when they became friends at the age of 12 and are now 25 years old. We had taken a trip to the dunes and met this young man, his uncle, and friends who were also camping and dune riding. The boys hit it off, became friends, and have kept in touch all these years.

4th of July we spent with Joann, Scott and their extended families. We attended the Idaho Falls 4th of July Parade which was really awesome, and afterward, we were went to Scott’s sister’s house where we visited, had a BBQ and my grandkids were introduced to “Corn Snakes.” I do not care for snakes, I will look at a distance but will not hold or be to close. Corn Snakes are generally docile and make a good snake pet, very colorful and the kids were very intrigued with them. That evening we went to a location near the river to watch the fireworks. It was a really great 4th of July.

Idaho Falls 4th of July Parade – Home Town Heroes

Corn Snakes



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